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September 26, 2012

so ok i realise this account was hacked or w/e

i wish i had found a secret money making method but, sadly, i have not.

so those posts were fake. i changed my password and hopefully that’ll stop it???? 

those posts about me changing accounts are not fake though just 


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September 22, 2012

yo dudebros 

im gone 

i changed my url again so im here now instead of asking-for-a-smaller-heart

but yeah uh

just so u kno

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August 1, 2012

yo ok

i know ive been making posts about this since like

oh, i dont know, when i moved accounts

but im not here anymore

and i’d really appreciate it if you could unfollow this account

follow my new one, don’t follow my new one, i dont really care

just please

{my new one is here btw}

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July 31, 2012

yo dudes 

i dont know if u got the memo

but im





im only reposting this because i changed my url so im actually here now!!!!


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May 30, 2012

why are there so many blogs still followiing this blog

im not here anymore!!!!

im here!!!!!!!!!

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April 13, 2012

this just in:

i’m not here anymore!!!!!!!!

i am over at http://imperfect-forger.tumblr.com

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March 20, 2012

for those of you still hanging around on here

it would be really chill if you would follow me on my new account

which is http://imperfect-forger.tumblr.com

or at the very least unfollow me here i mean all it is is just 

me posting things telling you to go follow my other blog so. 


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February 22, 2012

hey yo sup

i was on this blog to fix up my queue for my immortal rain blog so i figured i’d remind the ones of you who are

still remaining on this blog that im at a new blog now

im http://imperfect-forger.tumblr.com 

which seems the same but its not cos this is faussaire-imparfaite now so????????

yeah guys just


you know

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February 1, 2012

hurm im at a new account

idk if you guys just havent figured it out yet or what

but i’m at http://imperfect-forger.tumblr.com now 

which SOUNDS the same but its not okay!!!!

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January 21, 2012


my new blog which is HERE if you havent heard 

is now imperfect-forger


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